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Clipboard Manager

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Track clipboard changes

If you clear this checkbox, clipboard manager will not monitor the clipboard.


Auto hide

The clipboard manager window can be automatically closed after a fragment is pasted.


Always on top

The clipboard manager window can be placed above all non-topmost windows and stay on top even when deactivated. This option works if the current theme is in the Native style mode.


Return focus back to the clipboard manager after pasting

If this checkbox is checked, the focus will return to Comfort Keys after a fragment is pasted. Otherwise, the focus will stay in the target application.


Show the clipboard manager next to the text entry area when possible

The clipboard manager window can be automatically placed next to the text cursor.


Maximum number of saved fragments

The number of fragments starting from which the earliest fragment will be deleted.


Data directory

The folder for storing the clipboard manager data.


Preview text font

The font of the text in the preview window.


Do not add identical fragments

If this checkbox is checked, once a fragment is copied to the clipboard, all its earlier saved copies will be deleted.

Note: Using this option on a slow computer may cause a slowdown when copying large fragments to the clipboard.


Show preview

You can display a panel with full information about the selected fragment.


Oldest fragments on top (otherwise newest on top)

You can sort fragments by date and time either from oldest to newest, or from newest to oldest.


Single line

This option lets you display rows in the list of fragments in a special way: Each row will become smaller in height and will contain only one line.


Show additional information

You can display more information about each fragment: character count, image size, application icon, etc.


Item height

The height of elements in the list of saved fragments, in pixels (minimum 25 pixels).