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Initial Setup Wizard...

Clicking this button will start the initial configuration wizard. If you use it to configure keyboard shortcuts, all earlier specified keyboard shortcuts will be preserved.


Num Lock state

This option lets you keep or change the NumLock state when Comfort Keys is started.


Numeric keys on the keypad even if Num Lock is off

This option may be handy if you work on a laptop and use both its keyboard together and a standard keyboard connected to the laptop. If you turn NumLock on, some letter keys on the laptop keyboard will work as digital keys. If you turn NumLock off, you will be unable to use the NumPad keys on the standard keyboard to enter digits. By checking this checkbox, you can easily overcome the limitation imposed by the NumLock key.


Maximum number of hidden windows

When this number is reached, Comfort Keys will not hide any more windows (but the already hidden ones will stay hidden).


Action for a click on the system tray icon

You can specify an action to be executed when you click the application’s icon in the system tray.


Save to File...

Click this button to save all settings to the INI file.


Load from File...

Click this button to load all settings from the INI file. You can also load settings from the INI file by using the /RESTORE command line parameter.