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The system settings define the interaction between Comfort On-Screen Keyboard and Windows.



The language of the Comfort On-Screen Keyboard user interface. To change the language of the on-screen keyboard, install another language or keyboard layout in your system.


Run Comfort On-Screen Keyboard at Windows startup

If you check this checkbox, Comfort On-Screen Keyboard will be automatically launched when the system is started.


Show keyboard on logon screen

If you check this checkbox, the on-screen keyboard will be shown before any user logs into the system. A separate instance of the application, possibly with different settings, will be launched for that on-screen keyboard (see FAQ for developers section).


Disable system touch keyboard and handwriting panel

You can turn off the system Touch Keyboard that appears when you use a touchscreen. Note: Windows 7 and above.


Show the Comfort On-Screen Keyboard toolbar in the taskbar

Checking this checkbox will add the application’s toolbar with one button onto the taskbar. You can use this button to launch the on-screen keyboard.


Set high priority for Comfort On-Screen Keyboard

Check this checkbox if any features of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard are unstable on your system.


Hide the Comfort On-Screen Keyboard icon in the system tray

If this checkbox is checked, the application’s icon will not be shown in the system tray.




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