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Gestures support (to quickly enter capital letters, spaces, etc.) with adjustable sensitivity:



If you check the Use gestures checkbox, characters will be entered when you raise your finger from the surface of a touchscreen or release the mouse button. Otherwise characters will be entered as you type, just like when you use a regular keyboard.


You can use a mouse or your fingers to perform a gesture:

Touchscreen: Touch the screen with one finger and move a short distance.
Mouse: Mouse gestures work by holding the left mouse button, moving the mouse a certain direction, then letting go of the button.


You can modify actions for each swipe type, or disable only some of them by selecting the (None) item.


Note: This feature doesn't work if the Enable key repeat option is on.


You can specify gestures for any of the following actions:

Press any key
Press a key with the Shift key
Delete word to left
Delete word to right
Ctrl+Home shortcut
Ctrl+End shortcut
Ctrl+Z shortcut (Undo)
Move the on-screen keyboard to a screen border
Close the on-screen keyboard
Text Suggestions on/off
Move the caret left one word
Move the caret right one word
Switch the input language or layout
Show options




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