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Appearance Theme

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By using a theme, you can change a wide range of visual elements, including colors, drawing styles, fonts, etc.



A color scheme.

To edit any color scheme, select it and click the Edit... button (a new Custom scheme will be created). To edit a color, click the object and choose a color. You can assign an image to each key state, or use the same image for all key states.

Key states:

Normal – The key in its normal state
Hot – The highlighted key, when the mouse pointer hovers over it
Selected – The key when pressed


Style of drawing

This style can be Normal, Gradient, or Tube Gradient.


Native style of the window

Checking this checkbox will instruct the application to use the native Windows style.


Windows 10 Style

Check this checkbox to make the application use the flat and square style. If you do it, the rounding of windows’ corners and buttons will be turned off. For the full effect, set the Style of drawing option to Normal.


Show the window caption

Check this checkbox to increase the visible area under the semitransparent background. If the caption is hidden, you can move the on-screen keyboard by clicking anywhere on its background.


Show the window buttons

Use this option together with “Show the window caption” to increase the visible area.


Background picture

You can select an image file (for example, a photo) to be used for the background. To remove the background image, simply clear the filename in the text field.


Background opacity

You can adjust the opacity of the background.


Common opacity

You can adjust the opacity of all window elements, except for background.


Characters font

The font for characters displayed on the on-screen keyboard.



The font for labels displayed on the on-screen keyboard.



The icon for the on-screen keyboard in the system tray, the toolbar, the floating window, and floating icon.




On-Screen Keyboard


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