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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts work in all applications.


Please note that when you are specifying keyboard shortcuts, the left and right control keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Win) are processed differently. To use only the right Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Win key in a keyboard shortcut, press the respective right key. To use both (right and left) keys, press the respective left key.


Shortcut list


Toggle the visibility of the on-screen keyboard

Shows or hides the on-screen keyboard. For more details, see the Using the on-screen keyboard section.


Switch the input language or layout

Switch the input language in the foreground application.


Show options

Opens the application’s Options window.


Activate the next keyboard type

Loads the next keyboard from the list of keyboards. To configure that list, click the Set the List of Keyboards button.




On-Screen Keyboard


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