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Registration issues
Using Comfort Keys issues

Registration issues

Q: How do you know if your product is registered?
A: Please select "About Comfort Keys" from the context menu to see the registration status.

Q: I have lost my Comfort Keys registration key. Now the program tells that is expired. How can I get my registration key back?
A: Send an e-mail to: lost-code©comfort-software.com from the same e-mail address you used when you purchased the license to use Comfort Keys. Please follow the format:


From: (Your-name-here)

E-mail: (Your-e-mail-here)

Request: Please resend me the Product Key


Using Comfort Keys issues

Q: Can I use Comfort Keys on a network, so all users get the same results for key presses?
A: Yes. You can place your Actions File on a network resource and open it on any workstation.

Q: Program doesn't react to key combination at all.
A: Maybe another hotkey manager is running. If not, check that Comfort Keys is turned on.

Q: Does Comfort Keys support a "send email" action type?
A: Yes. Create the "Run program" Action and specify "mailto:" and the recipient's e-mail address.

Q: Can I use "Open URL" for FTP or Telnet?
A: Yes. When you create an action "Open URL", specify a standard URLs like "ftp://ftp.mycompany.com" or "telnet://mycompany.com" in the "URL to browse" text field.

Q: How can I set a shortcut key to open a window displaying my Computers's drives?
A: When you create an action "Run program", specify a command like "explorer.exe /select, c:\" in the text field.

Q: When Setup Wizard is re-run, will it delete all my previously created Actions?
A: No. All your Actions will still be accessible. The Setup Wizard will simply add more ShortCuts to your Actions.

Q: Can a key be deactivated on my keyboard?
A: Yes. Just create an Action with "Block key press" action type.

Q: Can the "Sleep" key be used in a ShortCut?
A: No, the "Wake", "Sleep" and "Power" keys cannot be choosen as hotkey or a part of a key combination for any Action.

Q: I have uninstalled Comfort Keys, but it still loads at startup. What is wrong?
A: It is most likely that you had performed uninstall while Comfort Keys was running, so the uninstaller could not delete some files. The best way to remove Comfort Keys in this case is to install it back, quit from Comfort Keys and uninstall it again.

Q: I have a keyboard with extended keys, but Comfort Keys does not recognize any (or some) of them. What can I do?
A: First of all, please make sure that you do not have any keyboard-specific program installed and you do not install the software that is shipped with your keyboard (such a software can intercept keystrokes, so Comfort Keys will not catch them). Then, if your keyboard can be plugged into the "PS/2" port but is plugged into the "USB" port, try to connect it via PS/2.

Q: Comfort Keys is really a good tool, so would you mind I localize it to my native language?
A: Comfort Keys supports multilingual user interface (TXT files in UTF-8 format). See translations at ComfortKeys\Lang\ subfolder. You can e-mail your translation to dev©comfort-software.com.